Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Berlin's Boroughs

Since 1995, Berlin’s boroughs have been given lump sum payments from the state budget with which they are to discharge their responsibilities as administrative units. This enables them to set their own financial priorities and increases their autonomy and independence.
Einwohner der Bezirke
pop. 324,368
pop. 263,388
pop. 355,521
pop. 315,204
pop. 224,659
pop. 288,268
pop. 332,547
pop. 305,797
pop. 235,607
pop. 250,098
pop. 259,514
pop. 243,917
[Source: State Statistical Office; as of May 2006]

The borough administrations consist of the borough assembly and the borough office. The members of the borough assembly are elected by German citizens eligible to vote and by EU nationals living in the borough in question. Parties receiving less than three percent of the votes cast in an election will not be represented in the borough assembly. The borough offices consist of the borough mayor and the borough councillors, who share administrative responsibility.
The mayors of all the boroughs, the Governing Mayor of Berlin, and his deputy, the Mayor of Berlin, comprise the Council of Mayors. The Senate is obligated to consult the Council of Mayors on fundamental legislative and administrative issues. The same applies to bills from the House of Representatives.

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