Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Harrison and Cohn; Why invest in Berlin?

Why Invest in Berlin?
What a super investment Berlin is looking. Its in an unique position at the moment, no other Western European Capital is in such a great position.

There is land in the city centre to be purchased & built on using all the latest technology to aid them.
With such a low number of home owners (at present) in Berlin (around 15%) the rental market is strong but remember cheap is not always best, check the area & location.

Berlin is made up of several smaller "cities", the UK idea that everyone heads into the centre for work and pleasure does not really exist in Berlin, the centre around The Zoo, Tiergaten etc is mainly for tourists. When renters chose an area they want to know can I work here? Are there bars & cafes, cinemas etc?

With one of the best transport systems in the world you can chose either the underground (U bahn) the overground (S Bahn), tram or bus, even by bike.

The normal price range per square metre is between 1100 & 2200 Euros, depending on area, level of decoration & facilities in the actual block. There is a "rate" card for Berlin, this monitors the rents across the capital & has upper limits for rent increases & also time limits on how often rents are increased.

Prices really start around 35000 Euros now, sometimes we have some just under but they usually sell very quickly-Please register now if your budget is at this level.

About Us: Harrison and Cohn

We love Berlin, Charlottenburg, Mitte, Potsdamer Platz, Steglitz so many different areas!

My name is Adam Harrison, I operate the company from the UK and my business partner, Donna Cohn is based in Berlin, she is bilingual & has lived there for 30 years, we work with several agents who we know are reliable & helpful, most of them offer an after sales service, submitting tax forms for any income & liaising with the management companies.

Our properties also come from Banks, The Government, Private sellers, Developers, Funds etc.

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